Some Important Questions and Their Answers

If you have decided that our yoga courses or retreat is the right fit for you, or if want to know any other information, please fill the ‘Registration Form’ (http://www.yogahut.org/apply-now.html).
YogaHut Tapovan organize a traditional and spiritual Indian fire ceremony and orientation meeting session on the first day of teacher training course at 9:00 AM, to ensure students knows where the classes will be held, to make known with the facilities, and to allow students to meet each other and their teachers. Student attendance at the orientation day is compulsory.

* If you take our accommodation so you must arrive one night before the course starting date.
Truly there is no other country like India in whole world, filled with welcoming citizens and incredible landscapes. Participating in our Yoga TTC in India provides a chance for you to explore an entirely unique culture in a safe, supportive environment. Please Come and experience the prosperous and energetic culture of India by tasting unfamiliar cuisines, witnessing a traditional fire (Aarti) ceremony, haggling your way through the markets, and soaking up all of the sights, smells, and sounds that India has to offer.
The type of clothing depends on which period of the year you come. The spring and summer months is Rishikesh are generally a bit warm, so it is best to pack thin, light, loose fitting clothing. The winter in Rishikesh can be very cold before sunrise and after sunset, (sometimes during the day also), so we advise you to pack in layers so that you are able to cover up for classes where you will remain still, and remove layers during asana class when you may become warmer.
In case of cancelation we have some terms and condition which you can check in (Dates and fee page link).
A regular concern among women is their safety when traveling alone to any country. Although you may have heard otherwise, India is surprisingly a very safe country for women travelers. We have welcomed hundreds of women of all ages to our course who have traveled alone. For a woman traveling alone to any country, there are certain codes of conduct that should be put in place to remain safe. Some suggestions being: do not go out alone at late night, do not go to bars or other nightclubs, do not go anywhere outside of public areas with strangers or unknown, never take any drugs, alcohol or and other substances which could impair your judgment, carry yourself with a sense of dignity and self-respect, and be respectful of the culture in your dress code and speech.
We believe that the learning and practice of yoga should be unwrapping to all people, despite of their previous yoga experience or physical fitness level. Yoga is so much more than just the physical asana (posture) practice, and we would like you to have knowledge to share the joy of yoga with others. For that reason, we welcome people of all experience levels into our course.
Our currency is Indian Rupees (INR). We advise you to bring USD or your country currency, NOT TRAVELERS CHECKS. You can easily exchange money or use an ATM at airport in Delhi. There are also ATMs in Rishikesh. Be sure to inform your banks and credit card companies that you will be traveling to India before you leave to avoid fraud protection freezes.

* We advise you to bring $100 for each week of your trip. You will not need that much unless you plan to make expensive memento purchases.
Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi (DEL) is the international airport which is the closest int. airport to our school in Rishikesh. From there, you have several options to travel to our schools. For Rishikesh, we recommend either taking an additional flight from New Delhi to Dehra Dun (DED), or we can arrange a taxi to pick you up from the Airport and bring you to our school.
If you would like to discuss other available travel options, please let us know while registering for course.
We are always happy to help you with travel plans and can book reliable taxis to bring you directly to our school.
As like anywhere in the world You will need a valid Passport and Visa to travel to India from most countries.

* Contact your nearest India Embassy in your home country to inquire about their visa process and requirements.
Do a light packing. Most people travel with one suitcase or backpack and a small, carry-on backpack that will double as your pack for outings. You will also find plenty of shops to buy inexpensive clothing and toiletries and may actually prefer to not pack much at all and simply purchase most of your necessities once you arrive in Rishikesh.