The Seven Chakra Crystal Healings helps you through the balancing of the entire energy system of self.

  Thus the chakras are known to be a source for energy transfer and conversion between two dimensions of being, as well as a center facilitating the energy conversion between a body and its controller the mind.  


The human energy system has seven main chakras that all require balancing now and then on the path of life, especially if you are a follower of yogic or meditation path. We are mostly familiar with the seven chakras in our body, but in detail or with the deep knowledge of Prana Vidiya - The Science of vital force the energy center of body have very high number in basic yogic descriptions its mentions that a human body is having more than 72000 Nadis – The Movement of Vital Force or Energy . Among those 72000 Nadis there are 10 to be known almost by every yoga practitioner as they are informed by their teacher or guru. But on the path of Healing almost each and every movement of energy and its center is to be felt very alive and active so the entire network of energy system of our inner self get tuned in to the new dimension or balance. For our purposes of basic Information of healing and energy I will list main 7 accordingly.

7-Main Chakras in the Human Body

Muladhara – The Root.

The first of the 7 Main chakras in the human body, called the root or base chakra, is located at the base of the spine in the area of the coccyx. It is the only major chakra whose larger opening is to the rear. There is a smaller opening in front at the base of pubic bone. This chakra opens downward toward the earth connecting us to our physical environment and the earth. When a person is grounded, energy from the earth enters the subtle energy system and gives us the feeling of being connected to the planet, Mother Earth. The root chakra is feminine (yin) by nature and is polarized negatively. It is the chakra that governs understanding of the physical dimension. It glows a fiery red color. Each chakra when open and clear through Seven Chakra Crystal Pyramid Healing or by meditation and other practices has a gift from spirit. The gift from balancing the root chakra is spatial or unlimited intuition.
The root chakra is particularly important in the process of becoming whole because it is the seat of Kundalini (The Vital life force) and in the Taoist tradition, the starting point for the three principal meridians. Because the 7 chakra systems begins at the base with the first chakra and at the opposite end opens at the seventh chakra, to maintain proper pressure within the system, the first chakra must be opened and balanced with the seventh chakra.
The Kundalini energy comes up naturally twice in a person’s life; first at puberty and then at menopause for both men and women. At both of these times there are hormonal changes occurring. At puberty it is bringing awareness of the vibration of our male and female chemistry. It brings a heightened Sexual awareness and creativity. Each chakra in our body maintains the health of a particular section of the physical body and can be balanced with proper Seven Chakra Crystal Pyramid Healing & chakra meditations, among other things.
The first chakra in the human body controls the horizontal length from just below the buttocks to a point just above the sexual organs. There seems to be some conflict among sources of the functions of each chakra in relationship to the organs of the human body.
The first of the 7 chakras in the human body controls spinal column, excretion, digestion of food, vitality and sexual well-being (fertility), in men the testes, prostate gland, in women the ovaries, the bones, muscles and blood, the internal organs and the adrenal glands. The adrenal gland is associated with fight or flight. It is the center of self survival and self-preservation, and proper Seven Chakra Crystal Pyramid Healing enhances our capacity to have and hold and our power to attract material abundance.
When functioning well a person is comfortably grounded in his/her body, feels well, has great vitality, has a sense of security, safety, presence and confidence, is generous and giving and is affectionate with close acquaintances. If a person chronically experiences aches and pains and does not get enough to eat, life in general is stressing. He or she is over impulsive, has fits of cruelty, has self centered lust and needs a balancing of the first chakra in their body.
The following is an example of how an open or imbalanced first chakra can have an effect in a person’s life. An external, impersonal unexpected assessment bill is received.
The person in need of chakra meditation feels afflicted and very upset with the event. The person who is unblocked stays calm, and gets a windfall check or a timely raise to take care of the unexpected expense, is grounded and connected and knows that everything is in divine order.

Swadhishthana – The Taste or Self.

The second of the 7 chakras, or the sexual chakra, also known as the sacral center is located just above the genitals in the pubic area, three to nine inches below the navel. It regulates sexual energy, sexuality, sensuality and intimacy. It is the physical creative center. It controls the pelvic organs, the urinary tract, the bladder, the hips, legs and feet and energizes the sexual organs. It radiates the color orange, is feminine in gender (yin) and is polarized negatively. Its gift when open and clear is clairsentience (feeling). Through the second chakra meditation, a person experiences deep feelings of childlike wonder and a magical sensual nature for the world and everything in it. The world is a magical place. Unfortunately, this innocence and wonder is lost after puberty due to blockages in the second chakra because of taboos and restrictions relating to sexuality.
This chakra is the focus of a person’s earliest and most fundamental emotions, the basic sense of acceptance or rejection, the sense of belonging to a group or a family or being alone in the world, and the ease or difficulty a person has in connecting with God.

Manipura – The Emotion or Pain

The third of the 7 chakras in the human body, also known as the solar plexus, is located in the hollow area between the ribs, two to three inches above the navel and is the seat of personality, emotion or pain . The solar plexus chakra has front and back entry points. The back solar plexus chakra is located opposite the front solar plexus. It controls the horizontal section of the physical body located three to four and a half inches above the navel. It is known as the center of our creative power. It is part of our perceptual feeling. Intuitiveness comes in the form of gut reactions. The spiritual gift of this Seven Chakra Crystal Pyramid Healing is sensitivity to vibrations from other people and places. It radiates the color yellow and is masculine in gender (yang) and is polarized positively.
A Seven Chakra Crystal Pyramid Healing balanced third chakra controls the pancreas, liver, gall bladder, diaphragm, large intestine, appendix, stomach, small intestine, blood, lymph and to a certain degree other internal organs and other parts of the body. It is responsible for the assimilation of food. It acts as an emotional energy clearing house center and a cooling and heating system of the body. The third chakra has control over the solar plexus ganglia. It is the formative center of one’s personal power. It plays an important part in a person’s relationship to the world, to people, places, and things, their ability to belong and feel connected to others, to have long term relationship, the love of family, home and country. When balancing the third chakra, a person has plenty of physical stamina and resilience, plenty of self-control and self-respect, self-love, self-esteem and self-worth.
There is value for self and others. In general, after third chakra meditation, a person has the ability to channel energy into doing whatever they want and whenever they want. Self-worth allows a person to use his or her personal power in a sound healthy manner for the benefit of self and others. He/she is able to move forward in life with ease and able to make major decisions confidently in business as well as other matters, always working out a win-win situation with mutual respect, being very flexible in all matters and looking at all sides of an issue.
When the third chakra has energy blocks of fear, anger, pain or fear of pain, a person experiences indecisiveness, a sense of inadequacy, anxiety that other people are out to take advantage of them. To compensate for this, people may become over competitive or become possessive in regard to friends and lovers.

Anahata – The Feelings & Love

The fourth of the 7 chakras in the human body, known as the Heart Chakra, is the gateway between the lower and higher chakras. In classic Yogic texts it is known as the gateway to the soul. It is also known as the primary heart center. It is located in the center of the chest at the eighth cervical vertebra of the spine near the xiphoid process, the piece of cartilage at the base of the breastbone. It controls the horizontal section of the physical body about two fingers above the solar plexus extending to the collarbones. It radiates an emerald green in color; it is masculine in gender (yang) and is polarized positively. The heart chakra has two entry points, the front and the back. The front chakra controls of the heart, thymus glands and the circulatory system the thymus glands influences the immune system. The back face of the chakra controls the lungs, the act of breathing and heart. The heart chakra is the center through which we feel love. It is the main center of compassion and connectedness to all in our life. The heart is the only source of feeling love and compassion from divine or individual self .and open heart only knows that how to forgive self or others. Is able to surrender and have the faith for any possible achievement of life. The seven Chakra Crystal Pyramid healing balance the heart chakra for expressing joy, pain, fear, and anger equally or completely. With an open heart a person appreciates life and its oneness with divine flow of vital force, He or she will approaches to other with pure and warm feelings.

Vishuddhi –The Purity or Balance

The fifth of 7 chakras in our body, known as the throat chakra, is centered in the hallow of the throat. Its location extends from the base of the neck by third cervical vertebra just below the medulla oblongata to the highest point in the throat. It relates to the ethereal as well as with hearing and principle of sound. It governs the ears, nose, mouth, jaw, vocal cords, bronchial apparatus, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands and metabolism, the throat chakra is masculine in nature – (Yang) and its polarized positively. It radiates the color blue. The yogic texts mention that the fifth chakra operates the intellectual body and its purity, which means that once this chakra is balance a person, is able to separate the functions of the mental body to intellectual levels. This chakras balance leads to achieving detachment and purity from guilt and hate. The balance and tuned stage of this chakra leads to achieving the detachment and help to increase the power of understanding of the higher level of consciousness.
Any person whose throat chakra is balanced and has a charismatic glow will receive the highest joy and purity. Awakening the throat chakra through Seven chakra Crystal pyramid healing allows a person to transcend fear. When fear is clear then only a person can express himself completely in all situation of life.

Ajna – The Third Eye, Will Power

The sixth of the 7 chakra in human body is known as the third eye chakra. In Sanskrit Ajna means the command or will Power or the ability of wisdom. This chakra is located between the center point of both eyebrows. Its opening at the back is just above the atlas vertebrae, the top most vertebras in the neck. It’s feminine by nature (Yin) and radiates the color Indigo or a deep red blue. Its controls the pituitary gland, endocrine glands and the left eye of person.
Its governs the lower brain and nervous system. its also controls all incoming and outgoing thoughts and visions. This chakra gives a ability to a person to present him or herself to the world. When this chakra is balance a person is allowed to resonate the inner vision, imagination and idealism.

Sahasrara – The Crown or Supreme

The 7th chakra in human body, known as crown chakra, is also known as the supreme stage of joy or spiritual self. Its located on the top of the head, yogic text describes it’s as a thousand petals lotus. Its control the upper brain and the right eye. This chakra is the main source of energy to all the other chakra and organ of body. It’s the only connection by which a human or living being is connecting or communicating with divine. This is the first stage of feeling the love of divine and to be feeling blessed by divine.
The awakening of the seventh chakra by Seven Chakras Crystal pyramid healing balances and tunes almost every cell of the body and all the main energy point of the body to feel life and joy and wisdom of self.