About YogaHut


YogaHut-Tapovan is a certified yoga teacher training school by government and yoga alliance USA. Our yoga teacher training programs are designed to produce confident yoga teacher training in the tradition of Ashtanga-Tristhana and classical hatha yoga to the yoga lovers or the people who want to teach yoga.

Course: 200 Hour Yoga TTC, 300 Hour Yoga TTC, and 500 Hour Yoga TTC are our specific courses.
On other hand we also offer weekly yoga retreats in world capital of yoga-Rishikesh.
We have unique meditation and seven chakras crystal healing therapy course which are meant to provide your soul a balance between this modern and tired life.

TAPOVAN literally means a clearing in the forest where Indian Sages practiced Yoga and higher levels of Meditation, self enlightenment, and Spiritual path for the decades, The Village is still known as the name Tapovan. The name symbolizes the aim which Yogi Pramod has been pursuing for many years. YogaHut-Tapovan is the only school in the city which follows the ancient traditional method of teaching and practicing yoga known as Ashtanga Tristhana Yoga. And yet follows the river of yogic knowledge as mater created and mention to practice for achieving higher self. In YogaHut-Tapovan Teaching is deeply focused for ultimate purification and transformation of soul and to balance the mind soul and energy for a peaceful spiritual healthy life. This unique space now so rare in an age of globalization and mechanization, that offers the possibility of gaining deeper insight into all aspects of the human being, thereby providing the means of pursuing self-fulfillment and self-knowledge.

Our Mission

Although the YogaHut Tapovan is deeply rooted in tradition of Vedic spiritual holistic culture, its purpose is also to provide a Spiritual yogic Experience for men and women from a wide range of backgrounds and culture of life.YogaHut Tapovan seeks to show harmony and unity within the world of diversity, in accordance with the vision of the great Yoga master Swami Rama of Himalaya.
  It is our sincere wish that who so ever enters our yogic path should find peace and a "joie de vivre" that will enable them to progress towards a self purification and transformation to higher level.