Ashtanga Tristhana & Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course with YogaHut-Tapovan

YogaHut-Tapovan offers 28-days 200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh, India. The Ashtanga Tristhana yoga is the original method of practicing yoga and experiencing the ultimate transformation of self from lower to higher level, the course is purposely designed for the progress of practitioner from any level of physical or intellectual ground. The course is spiritually purifies oneself from all the pain and blockage of physical and psychological back grounds. This course is guaranteed the best course for training as a yoga teacher or for getting balance and rooted in deeper and higher yogic knowledge.


Yoga TTC Highlights
  •   Yoga Sutras
  •   Philosophy
  •   Teaching Methodology
  •   Asanas
  •   Pranayama – Balancing the vital force
  •   Bandhas – The energy attendance
  •   Mudras – the energy gestures
  •   Kriyas – the internal cleansing
  •   Human Anatomy
  •   Adjustment and Alignment
  •   Mantra Initiation
  •   Mantra Chanting
  •   Astrological calculation of energy flow and spiritual Name
  •   Meditation and detail explanation of Samadhi and kundalini

The well daily routine training program takes place over five weeks engrossing you in a traditional yogic lifestyle allowing you to focus on your inner and higher yogic self with the balancing and transforming flow of cosmic energy, Vedic and practical understanding of yogic path . Our resident instructor Yoga master Yogi Pramod Heartily announce that “this program will be best for you whether you are considering teaching yoga or if you are seeking to improve your practice and love for yoga for personal growth.” The concern of this training program is to create yogic & spiritual Purification which can only be ground for happy pure and holistic life far from stress, guilt impurity, unbalance, painful ageing life path.

200 Hours Yoga TTC Syllabus

  • Vedic Mantra chanting with Ethics of the day
  • Philosophy of Yoga Practice and Techniques of Shat karma (Cleansing techniques).
  • Practice and techniques and understanding of Asana (Physical postures)
  • Practice and techniques & effect of Pranayama (Breathing practices)
  • Practice & explanation of the level of Dhiyana (Meditation)
  • Fundamentals of Human Anatomy & Physiology and its interpretations/correlation in Yoga Teaching methodology
  • Practice and training of Shatkarma – The internal toxics cleansing process
  • Mantra Initiation and Chanting for getting enriched by holistic spiritual energy
  • Philosophy and scriptures sessions for detailed explanation of yogic path
  • Practical explanation of Kundalini and Chakras
  • Vedic Tradition of yoga and its diets

Educational Categories

A range of practical & theory classes will provide a well-formed and deep appreciative of theoretical and practical knowledge by highly qualified and living yoga masters of traditional values of yogic backgrounds.

Interactive Techniques, instruction, and Practice

Yoga Teacher Training program you will practice and become skilled at teaching asana ....READ MORE

Modern Teaching Methodology

Our specifically intended course program covers key skills that will help you to develop your current knowledge of teaching yoga. ....READ MORE

Small Class Size

Our Motive to educate one to one basis always been a great idea to keep our group size up to only four student it’s been loved by all of our students as they experience direct interact with the teacher ....READ MORE

Yoga Philosophy

Highly transforming and educating lectures by our Yoga master YogiPramod will expand your perception and give a deeper insight into the study of ancient yogic philosophy. ....READ MORE

Yoga Lifestyle and morals

Master YogiPramod believe that it’s more important to practice truly then learning everything on the path of yoga or to become a yoga teacher. ....READ MORE

Yoga and Health

Living as yogi and urge to purify body mind soul and balancing the vital cosmic energy channel in within is the aim of the course. ....READ MORE

200 Hour Yoga TTC - Dates & Fee

Upcoming Courses (5 Students Max.)

Dates Available Seats Course Fees Advance Booking
01-Jan To 30-Jan-2018 4 $1350 $350 (Apply Now)
01-Feb To 28-Feb-2018 5 $1350 $350 (Apply Now)
01-Mar To 30-Mar-2018 5 $1350 $350 (Apply Now)
01-Apr To 30-Apr-2018 5 $1350 $350 (Apply Now)
Note:  Advance booking fee ($350) is non-refundable. The balance Fee ($1000) will be collected on orientation meeting on 1st day.
 If you don’t’ need our accommodation than you have to pay only course fee. Only Course Fee: $800 USD

  1 single room with attached bathroom.

  Daily breakfast with herbal tea.

  1 sightseeing tour (optional).


Anyone who so ever have a choice for joining the path of yoga for self purification and balancing the further life for peace and happiness with improving physical health or anyone who so ever want to lead yogic path as a teacher to spread the divine knowledge of yogic path to others life . anyone who so ever is living life with pain guilt impurities and wish to free they self for living life with love compassion and care in divine manner, are heartily welcome to join our 300Hours Ashtanga Tristhana yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh India Himalaya.

Our Hope

As a student from you we hope that you will be honestly and lovingly following the entire disciplines and rules to be able to stand a well qualified yogi who have gone through almost all the experiences of yogic path and ready to perform and share the divine knowledge and blessing of our grand master Swami Rama of Himalaya


Our courses are registered with Yoga Alliance USA. This means that at the end of the course, you will be certified as a RYT200Hour yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance. Our program is well-formed and designed to meet a high standard, so whether you plan to teach yoga or are only looking for a way to deepen your personal practice, having a certification from a Yoga Alliance certified school will be an advantage to you.